Project 7

W6 Report

Investor Report Concept and Design // Student Project

W6 is a (fictional) globally successful architecture firm that focuses on community and sustainability. The proposed design solution for the 2018 Investor Report aims to present these values in a way that positively influences current and future investors. The concept/theme for the publication is “Together with Intention.”

This short phrase encompasses all aspects of the company. W6 is very intentional with everything that they do. Every decision is carefully considered to ensure all projects meet the highest design/sustainability standards. The phrase can be adapted to fit each section’s unique characteristics. Together, all of the sections create the W6 community.

There are a couple different visual elements included to assist the overall theme. The cover showcases 9 thin lines coming together and moving forward in a parallel row. This represents the 9 different sections coming together. When the cover is opened and laid face down, those same lines work together to form a three-dimensional structure.

This graphic element runs throughout the entire report. Each section has an associated colour that correlates to the table of contents. One line remains in colour and maintains the starting point from the table of contents. The rest of the lines are faded to grey to show that the other sections are still present, but in a more supportive roll.

W6 Investor Report Covers W6 W6 Table of Contents W6 Our History W6 Our People 1 W6 Our People 2