Project 1

Point Magazine

Editorial Layout Design // Student Project

The feature "well" article spread highlights the growing control Spotify has on the music industry. Strategic colour/imagery is used to comment on “the automation of selling out” and the “algorithmically created playlists.”

Using the principle of similarity, Spotify can be associated with the neon green duct tape. The duct tape is used throughout the article to represent Spotify and its control of the music industry. Repetition of various elements is also used to represent standardization.

More specifically, the image on the first spread represents "the automation of selling out." The assembly line of musicians offering up their music creates depth and a visual line for the eye to follow. The duct tape covering the eyes explains how artists often have no idea when or where their music is used by Spotify.

The content in the second spread largely focuses on the numerous "algorithmically created" playlists being produced by Spotify. A stack of cassettes bundled together by the neon green duct tape supports this idea.

Point Magazine Spread 1 Point Magazine Spread 2 Point Magazine Spread 1 Close Up Point Magazine Spread 2 Close Up