Project 2

Fort Garry Dark

Beverage Label Redesign // Student Project

The Fort Garry Brewing Company is Manitoba’s oldest microbrewery. Fort Garry Dark is one of the company’s most iconic beers. The redesign of the tall can aims to create a sophisticated look while maintaining their rich history.

The label wraps around the entire can with big bold letters to allow an individual to show their pride and appreciation for the Manitoba company. Inspiration for the colour comes from the chestnut, coffee, and chocolate flavours found in the English Mild Ale.

The print ad series associated with the rebrand assists by paying homage to the Manitobans who have enjoyed the beverage throughout the years. The outside edges of the pouring beer follow the path of the rivers in Winnipeg. The Assiniboine and Red River are used in the first. The Red and Seine River are used in the second. The visual elements and rich history are tied together with the tagline, “Flowing through Winnipeg since 1930.”

Fort Garry Dark can tilted on an angle Fort Garry Dark cans in a row Fort Garry Dark can on its side Fort Garry Dark print ads