Project 6

Folk Fest

Festival Marketing Campaign // Student Project

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is a fun outdoor music event that brings all kinds of different people together. Although it is called the “Folk” Fest, there are lots of other things to do. The event is self-described as “More than just folk.”

The concept for the 2019 campaign aims to capture this idea. The inspiration came from the many lawn chairs that can be found at the event. These chairs symbolize the numerous outdoor experiences and a fun camping environment. In the same way, the strips of fabric on the chairs symbolize all the different activities, events, and people that are brought together by Winnipeg Folk Fest. Everyone is intertwined in the experience and the community.

The fabric pattern is a dynamic and versatile graphic element that can be adapted to a variety of brand expressions. A few small illustrations of instruments and camping aid in the explanation of the festival features.

Winnipeg Folk Fest Poster Winnipeg Folk Fest Pattern and Icons Winnipeg Folk Fest Program Winnipeg Folk Fest sunglasses and wristband