Project 1


Print and Digital Concept Development // Student Project

Foley is a print and digital project intended to inform and inspire creative professionals with an inside look at the process of Foley sound design. Foley artists work behind the scenes of the film industry. Together, this book and website will bring their talents to the forefront.

The book is a collectible item that focuses on the history and techniques of Foley. The size of the book is based on the standard 16:9 aspect ratio used in many films. When opened up, each spread is 16 inches by 9 inches.

Soundboards are used in recording studios as a way to categorize and organize numerous different tracks into one unified mix. In the same way, an illustration of a soundboard has been used as the table of contents. It references part of the recording process while organizing the various sections and pages of the book. The illustration used in the feature spread is a visual metaphor for what the Foley artists do. It is a comparison of the unique objects that are used to make the sounds and what the viewers would actually hear.

The website is an online resource that showcases the Foley artists and their work. It allows the user to listen to a specific sound effect, see the process, and learn about the artist.

Foley desktop homescreen Foley desktop sound search foley desktop sound details foley desktop bio and iPhone home Foley cover and spine Foley table of contents Foley feature spread